Report water or sewage leaks in The District, please call  805-733-4366 immediately Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. If it is after normal business hours please call 805-588-2833.

How to check for leaks

In the center part of the meter display is a colored triangle or asterisk. This triangle or asterisk is sensitive to water flowing through the meter and can be used to detect leaks.

Step 1: Turn off all water-using fixtures (clothes washer, irrigation system, etc.) and make sure that no one is using water inside or outside of the house.

Step 2: Locate the leak detector triangle or asterisk on your meter display.

Step 3: Watch your leak detector triangle or asterisk for five minutes to see if it turns. When water is running through the meter the leak detector triangle or asterisk will turn. If no water is being used but the leak detector is turning, you have a leak.

What to do if there is a leak

If you identify a leak using the three steps above, you will want to determine where your leak is located. Start by turning off the water valve to your house (typically located near a hose bib) and repeating the three leak detection steps above. If your house water valve is off and you still have a leak, then the leak is located between the house and the meter. If your house valve is off and the leak detector does not move then the leak is inside your house (i.e., your toilet or other fixture) or your irrigation system.

Check these elements by yourself or contact us for assistance.

If the leak is detected after hours or on weekends, please don't wait until normal business hours to report it. This can waste a significant amount of water. Our answering service will have MHCSD on-duty personnel respond to your call immediately.