17-316 Approving Cost of Living Adjustment for Permanent District Employees

17-315 Declaring an Emergency and Authorizing the Immediate Expenditures of Funds to Repair the Wastewater Treatment Facility

17-314 Authorizing the Investment of District Monies with RNC Genter Capital Management as Fiduciary and TD Ameritrade as Trustee

16-313 Updating the Contract for Banking Services with Coasthills Federal Credit Union

16-312 Updating the Authorization of Investment of District Monies in the Local Agency Investment Fund (LAIF)

16-311 Matter of Commendation of Tim Naughton

16-310 Matter of Commendation of Danny Hayes

16-309 Become a Groundwater Sustainability Agency

16-308 Terminating Emergency Action to Repair a Well

16-307 Declaring an Emergency to Repair a Well

16-306 Amending the District Reserve Policy

16-305 Approving a Cost of Living Increase

16-304 Approving the Notice of Public Hearing

16-303 Requesting Consolidation of its Biennial Election

16-302 Approving the Notice of Public Hearing

16-301 Updating District Vehicle Use Policies

15-300 Establishing District Policy 3000 - Declaring an Emergency

15-229 Amending District Policy 3020 - Budget Preparation and Approval Process

15-228 Award of Contract, Sewer Line Replacement Project

15-227 Approving a Sewer Replacement Project and Adopting a Notice of Exemption

14-226 Adopting Mandatory Water Conservation Measures

14-225 Establishing a Reserve Policy

14-224 Approving Cost of Living Adjustments for all Permanent District Employees

14-223 Requesting Consolidation of its Biennial Election with the November 2014 General Election

14-222 Initiating Proceedings for the Annexation of Certain Property (1205 Purisima Road)

13-221 Amending District Policy that are now included in the Customer Policy

13-220 Adopting a Customer Policy Manual

13-219 Amending the Establishment of Depositary