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19-83 Setting Forth Fees to Connect to District Facilities Rescinds and replaces Section 1 of Ordinance no. 16-81 to update connection charge 
18-82 Fixing the Day and Time of Regular Meetings 
16-81 Setting Forth Water, Sewer, and Street Sweeping Rates and Fees to Connect to District Facilities 
15-81 Amending Ordinance 00-62 fixing day and time of Regular Meeting 
13-80 Repealing Ordinance 34 Establishing the Monthly Billing Cycle for Water and Sewer Fees, Fixing Miscellaneous Charges and Establishing Customer Policies and Adopting a new Ordinance with Regard to the same. 
13-79 Prohibiting the Installation of Self-Regenerating Water Softeners 
12-78 Amending Ordinance 11-77 Pertaining to Sewer Fees 
11-77 Setting Water Wastewater and Street Sweeping Rates 
11-76 Establishing Director Compensation and Expense Reimbursement